PrayLink May 23, 2023
by Jennifer Platt on May 23rd, 2023
Join REBECCA and DAVE BUMPUS as they share about their ministry at Phelan Community Church in Phelan, California, on Sunday, May 28.UNITED STATES: Pray for JOE JOHNS and CARLOS MEDINA as they attend the Vinia Conference today through May 25. Pray they would make positive connections at the conference.UNITED STATES: Pray for BILL JONES as he leads a training session on cross-cultural adaptation thi...  Read More
PrayLink May 16, 2023
by Jennifer Platt on May 16th, 2023
UNITED STATES: Pray for JOE JOHNS and CARLOS MEDINA as they attend the Central Region Conference today and the Northwest Region Conference on May 19-20.EUROPE: Pray for a STAFF COUPLE as they host game night tonight with assistance from a YWAM group that is currently visiting.GUINEA: BRUCE and DAWN CLUCKIE request prayer for Modake, who had been following Jesus, but has since returned to his origi...  Read More
PrayLink May 10, 2023
by Jennifer Platt on May 10th, 2023
UNITED STATES: Pray for the MLC/GOC meetings, which include the World Partners Executive Leadership Team, taking place this week in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Pray that all the denominational leadership will find unity as they seek guidance from the Holy Spirit to lead us well.MIDDLE EAST: Pray for a STAFF MEMBER as he continues in leadership in their local congregation. Pray also for the STAFF COUPLE a...  Read More
PrayLink April 25, 2023
by Jennifer Platt on April 25th, 2023
Congratulations to CHRISTINA and NATHAN DURAN on the birth of their daughter, Maia Elaine, who was born on April 21, 2023, in Argentina!EUROPE: Pray for a STAFF MEMBER as she takes her language acquisition test this Thursday. It is a big test for her, covering a lot of complicated grammar.UNITED STATES: Pray for safe travels for JOE JOHNS and CARLOS MEDINA as they attend the Missionary Church East...  Read More
PrayLink April 18, 2023
by Jennifer Platt on April 21st, 2023
 Pray with the World Partners REGIONAL STRATEGY COORDINATORS and EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP TEAM today and tomorrow as they step back from their regular daily tasks to seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance and reflect on the future of disciple-making, the logistics and finances that entails, and seek discernment on how to be good stewards of the resources God is providingSPAIN: Pray for DAVE and REBECCA BUMPU...  Read More
PrayLink April 4, 2023
by Jennifer Platt on April 5th, 2023
Congratulations to MICAH BURGSTAHLER, son of STEPHEN and GAYLE BURGSTAHLER, who graduated from Stellenbosch University in South Africa with his Master’s Degree on March 31, 2023!Sign up NOW to join RICK DUGAN and Scott Harris for The Jesus Conversation Live, Episode 4: What do disciple-making relationships look like? To register, click here. If you can’t attend in person, go ahead and register, an...  Read More