The company we used to produce Acorn banks were not able to create them for a period of time. However, they are now being created once again. Due to the process of creating the banks, they will not be available to churches until the end of June. Once a specific ship date has been confirmed, we will inform those churches who place orders with us via email to World Partners Administrative Assistant Abby Luginbill at Please let Abby know how many boxes your church needs (30 banks per box) and the shipping address. 

Acorn Banks are small plastic banks in the shape of acorns. Children (and some adults) collect money from individuals to put into the banks. The monies are then used towards the educational costs of World Partners missionary staff children from grade school to high school.

The monies collected go towards books, tuition, uniforms, and other school supplies needed.



From the very beginning in 1902 until 1954, for 52 years, Mrs. Ramseyer was the leader of the Sunshine Makers.  She inspired thousands of children to give their money and their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ.


Families We've Helped

See how the monies collected are making a difference in the lives of real families all around the world!



To become a part of the movement, order your very own acorn banks today.  We greatly appreciate your support!

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