Ursula Hubley’s Step-Father Passed Away

Prayer Request:

Ursula Hubley’s step-father, William “Bill” Carter, passed away on Saturday, March 10. Pray for Ursula, Pete, Nate, and Eliana as they travel from Bulgaria to Michigan to attend the visitation on Wednesday and funeral on Thursday. The Hubleys will be in the U.S. for three weeks to help Ursula’s mother with all the details which need to be cared for due to Bill’s passing. Pray for his wife, family, and friends as they grieve his passing.

Ministry:  Hubley Family

Pray for Kalabircs As They Grieve The Loss Of Ivan’s Aunt

Prayer Request:

Pray for Ivan and Zhana Kalabric, as they grieve the loss of Ivan’s aunt who passed away on Saturday, March 10. His aunt lived with Ivan and Zhana for many years. Weeks before she died she accepted Christ. Pray for Ivan, Zhana, and their children along with other family and friends as they grieve their loss.

Ministry:  Ivan and Zhana Kalabric

Easter Conversation Dialogs Being Recorded In Guinea

Prayer Request:

Pray for Bruce Cluckie and his team as they record Easter conversation dialogs for the local radio station. Every time they begin recording there are background noises such as cicadas, chainsaws, or blaring music from the soccer field. Pray for enough silence to record. Pray this material will also be able to be placed on the air as there was a freak accident resulting in the death of two radio employees not long ago.

Ministry:  Cluckies

Shaun Futch Leading Discipleship Training In Vietnam

Prayer Request:

Pray for Shaun Futch as he leads a discipleship training and coaching event in Vietnam this week. He will be training twenty ministry teams with five different groups in three cities in Vietnam to work better as effective teams so they can be more fruitful along with developing plans for extending the network of disciple makers.

Ministry:  Shaun and Angie

Shane Traveling To A Neighboring Country To Encourage His Disciples

Prayer Request:

Praise! Shane reports that all of his disciples have a disciple they are discipling. Pray for him as he prepares to go to a neighboring country to meet with and encourage his disciples. Pray also for Shane as he continues to recover from a bad car accident. Pray the pain in his leg due to the accident would stop.

Ministry:  Shane D.

Pray For Gabi Nobre As She Meets With Student Leaders

Prayer Request:

Pray for wisdom for Gabi Nobre as there have been changes to the group of students she ministers to. She also requests prayer for the student leaders of Nicosia. Pray for Gabi as she intentionally meets more often with student leaders to teach them how to disciple others by example.

Ministry:  Gabi Nobre

Sarah Hawkins Leading Story Time Community Group

Prayer Request:

Pray Sarah Hawkins would have wisdom while putting together the lessons for each day for the story time community group she leads. Pray the conversations and relationships would continue to go deeper among the parents who are bringing their children.

Ministry:  Hawkins Family

Staff Member Coordinating Services At A Local Resource Center

Prayer Request:

Pray as a Staff Member coordinates services for thirty families at a local resource center. Pray as he brings the light of Christ to these families.