Pray For Janet Nickel As She Has Two Significant Events This Month

Prayer Request:

Pray for Janet Nickel as she has two significant events happening this month. First, she is in charge of developing a World Health Initiative Safety and Security Policy, Plan, and Procedures document. Janet states, “This means four days of doing the same workshop a total of seven times to receive input from as many of the staff as possible. My colleague, who is working with me on this, has been sick and was ordered on bedrest so they haven’t been in the office all week. That has really delayed the planning of the workshop manual. Pray that Momoh will be restored to health and we will get a good manual prepared. For the second event, we have finally worked through the tedious procedures of getting a legal consultant on board for the review of the Anti-Human Trafficking Act. There will be regional and national consultative meetings the last week and a half of October. The individuals involved are leaning on me a lot for help. I need to know what I should be doing and how to advise these people.” Pray for Janet as she deals with all of this along with continuing to help others with personal crises. Pray that Janet will not be overwhelmed and will find moments of peace.

Ministry:  Janet Nickel

Staff Member Meeting New Individuals In Her New Community

Prayer Request:

Pray for a Staff Member as she meets individuals in a new community where she is beginning ministry. Pray she would receive her permanent visa.

Pray For The Dugans As They Continue To Meet People In Latvia

Prayer Request:

Rick Dugan met a Latvian basketball coach, watched a game, met his team, and discussed ministering to his team and their families. Pray for Rick, Madara, and Noah as they continue to meet people in Latvia and for the basketball coach as he figures out how to best disciple his players. Praise! Rick received his residency card and work permit. Pray for Noah as he is recovering from pneumonia and has missed a lot of school and for Madara as she cares for him.

Ministry:  Rick and Family in Europe

Kalabrics Attempting To Obtain Visa For Italy

Prayer Request:

Pray for Ivan and Zhana Kalabric and as they attempt to obtain their visa for Italy. The Kalabrics were not treated well at the consulate. Pray for favor for the Kalabrics as they continue to deal with those at the consulate and that their visas would go through.

Ministry:  Ivan and Zhana Kalabric

Guinea Team Requests Prayer For Momodi

Prayer Request:

The Guinea Team requests prayer for Momodi who grew up with and is a friend to Adam Cluckie. He is pursuing an apprenticeship in operating a taxi. Pray the gospel seeds planted in Momodi would bear fruit. Today is also the first day of the school year for the children in Guinea. Pray for the teachers and the children as they begin another year.

Staff Member In Kenya Through October 31

Prayer Request:

Pray for a Staff Member who is in Kenya leading a training now through October 31.

NFL Football Games In Bulgaria

Prayer Request:

Praise! Watching NFL football games with men from Josh Hawkins’ football team at Josh and Sarah Hawkins’ apartment is leading to some incredible discipleship opportunities. Pray as they continue to build relationships.

Ministry:  Hawkins Family

Pray For David Bjork As He Leads Students In Their Final Year

Prayer Request:

This year a group of doctoral students will graduate from the program David Bjork directs at the Cameroon Faculty of Evangelical Theology. Pray for David as he leads these students in their final year. Pray for Diane Bjork as she broke a bone in her foot before leaving the U.S. for Cameroon and is currently in a walking cast. Pray her foot will heal completely. The medical procedures David underwent in the U.S. have brought him relief and his energy level is increasing. Continue to pray that his symptoms would not return as he has non-stop meetings with students and faculty whenever he is not teaching. Pray also as the outcome of the presidential election has not yet been announced and tensions increase when the official results are made public.

Ministry:  Diane and David Bjork