Stucks Finalizing Details For HMA

Prayer Request:

Praise! Ruth Stuck has been cleared medically to fly. Pray for Ruth and Tim as they are currently finalizing details to return to the United States from Spain in early March for Home Ministry Assignment.

Ministry:  Tim and Ruth Stuck

Staff Member Requests Prayer For Clarity

Prayer Request:

A Staff Member requests prayer for clarity in direction regarding some possible ministry opportunities.

Cluckies Request Prayer For Two Women Who Need Surgery

Prayer Request:

 Praise! Bruce and Dawn Cluckie state, “At our weekly church service, a man from another village came for the first time. He has been talking to Kelifa about the Jesus Road and has decided that he is very interested in following Jesus. Exactly where he is in the process is not sure to us, but he is in process of following Jesus. We are so excited about this. Please pray for him to be sure of this decision, that God would grip his heart and do whatever necessary to keep him safe from the enemy’s attacks, and sure that Jesus is the Way.” Bruce and Dawn also request prayer for two women who need surgery. Dawn has been in contact with the Mercy Ship people, but a decision has not been made about whether or not they qualify for surgery and the date for the surgeries. Pray that this is resolved soon, and that these two women can get the treatment they need. 

Ministry:  Cluckies

Education Conference Was Amazing!

Prayer Request:

The Staff Member who was part of a team hosting an educational conference for families reports, “The Education Conference was amazing. We had forty families represented. It is difficult to express what God does during this week, but we love watching him pour out his love, goodness, and favor on these families who are facing challenging situations in their work and lives. Thank you so much for praying. We felt it. And God moved beyond our expectations.”

Congratulations to Bill and Debbie Jones

Prayer Request:

Congratulations to Bill and Debbie Jones on the birth of their grandson, Salem Russell Hazen, born to Bill and Debbie’s daughter and son-in-law last week. Mother and son are both doing well.

Ministry:  Bill and Debbie Jones

Pray For A Ministry Partner And His Family In Sudan

Prayer Request:

 Pray for a Ministry Partner and his family in Sudan. He reports that a state of emergency was recently declared in Sudan due to riots and unrest occurring. Even with these events the ministry partner reports that in their local church plant had a service with nineteen adults and seventeen children.

Staff Member Leading A Discipleship Conference In Nigeria

Prayer Request:

Pray for a Staff Member who is in Nigeria leading a discipleship conference. Pray also for this staff member as he continues discipling a man in Africa. Our staff member is encouraged as he has been told how helpful their relationship has been in the disciple’s life and how, because of it, he desires to disciple another individual.

Short Term Teams Arriving This Week In The Middle East

Prayer Request:

Pray for a Staff Couple as they begin hosting individuals on short-term teams this week. Pray also for the staff member as he is trying to help a disciple know how he can more actively disciple others.