Safety For World Partners Staff In Politically Volatile Areas

Prayer Request:

Pray for the safety of World Parnters Staff serving in politically volatile areas.

Good Connections And Strong Vision To Reach The World

Prayer Request:

Pray for the World Partners Executive Leadership Team of Rick Dugan, Dave Mann, and Tami Swymeler as they attend the Missionary Church Regional/District Conferences throughout this year. Pray for good connections and strong vision to reach the world.

Nat Brown and Miquel Arias Leading A Discipleship Training

Prayer Request:

Pray for World Partners Regional Strategy Coordinators Nat Brown and Miguel Arias as they lead a discipleship training for Hispanic leaders in Chicago the first week of March.

Survey Trip Taking Place To The North Part Of Guinea

Prayer Request:

This weekend, some individuals will be taking a survey trip to the north part of Guinea to gather information about the road and lodging for an upcoming evangelistic trip in April. The Guinea Team requests prayer that the logistics would work out, for good information, and for safety on the road. The team also requests prayer for Ali and his wife, Salay, from the village of Maxanya. Maxanya is a village near to Soulemania where Bruce and Dawn Cluckie live. Ali is one of the few believers in the small village, but he does not indicate much desire to grow in his faith. Pray he would truly commit to following Christ and he would have an earnest desire for God’s Word to grip him. Pray other villagers in Maxanya would follow Jesus. Pray also for Ali’s leg which is chronically infected.

Cluckies Request Prayer That Their Internet Would Improve

Prayer Request:

 Bruce and Dawn Cluckie request prayer that their internet would improve. They try for hours to load their email and attachments and they do not come through. Other sites are also difficult to access. The internet is important for them to be able to do business online. Dawn states, “As you all know, the world revolves around cyberspace and not having access is difficult and stressful.”

Ministry:  Cluckies

Pray For Travel Safety For Hubleys This Weekend

Prayer Request:

Pray for Pete and Ursula Hubley and family as they travel eleven hours to Sombor, Serbia, this Friday. On Sunday, Pete will preach at a church. Pray he would have clarity in what to share and that everything would be translated properly. The Hubleys will then travel another three hours to Hungary to attend the SHARE Conference which is a conference addressing the unique educational challenges faced overseas. The Hubleys request prayer that they can come away with new and good insight. Pray also for Eliana as she will be having some testing done at the conference.

Ministry:  Hubley Family

Praise! Movement Is Growing In Cameroon

Prayer Request:

 Praise! A Regional Strategy Coordinator recently visited Cameroon and reports that the movement has grown to approximately 400 people in active discipling relationships. The leader of this movement was discipled in Cyprus.

Work Team In Malawi Until February 25

Prayer Request:

A work team led by Seth Hall is in Malawi now through February 25. They are working with one of our Regional Strategy Coordinators to build small houses for local individuals.

Continue To Pray For Janyne Johnston

Prayer Request:

Continue to pray for Janyne Johnston as she continues to recover from surgery. Pray she would be able to return to her ministry in Russia soon.

Ministry:  Janyne