Thank you for supporting World Partners through your prayers. Please lift up in prayer the World Partners staff, partners, volunteers and individuals we serve in our ministries throughout the world.

Home Ministry Assignments for World Partners Staff

Prayer Request:

Pray for the World Partners staff currently on Home Ministry Assignment and those planning their HMA for this summer. Pray those coming to the U.S. this summer will easily figure out how to schedule times for churches and individuals along with their housing and transportation.

Staff Couple Seeking Guidance for Their Future

Prayer Request:

Pray for a Staff Couple as they seek guidance for their future. Pray also for the staff member as he has physical therapy on his left shoulder and left hip.

Prayer Requests from Andersons

Prayer Request:

Pray for Jim and Dawn Anderson as they are in Conakry conducting business and attending a leadership coaching seminar. They also request prayers as they will be ending their contract with Mr. Bah, their chauffeur and assistant. Pray also for Jim and Dawn as they prepare to leave Guinea for the United States soon to begin Home Ministry Assignment.

Ministry:  Anderson Family

Staff Member Continuing in Language Study

Prayer Request:

Pray for a Staff Member as she continues in language study and is on to the hardest study book. Pray she will also find the medication she needs to treat her asthma as she is experiencing some breathing issues.

Bill & Debbie Jones Concluded Breaking Free 101 for the Semester

Prayer Request:

Bill and Debbie Jones have concluded leading Breaking Free 101 for the semester at Bethel College in Mishawaka, Indiana. Pray that everyone involved will catch a vision for how they can maintain freedom in Christ and share it with others in the months ahead. Pray also for Bill and Debbie as they continue to meet weekly with their disciples individually.

Ministry:  Bill and Debbie Jones

Staff Member Moving to Level 3 in Language Course

Prayer Request:

Praise! Congratulations to a Staff Member who finished her language course and graduated from level 2. Pray for her as she continues on to level 3.

Several Prayer Request from the Hawkins

Prayer Request:

Pray for Sarah Hawkins as she has started attending a Bible study and was recently able to discuss Eastern ideas with one of the other attendees. Pray for Josh Hawkins as he continues to have more meaningful discussions with his fellow football teammates. Pray also for the Josh and Sarah as they prepare for Home Ministry Assignment this summer.

Ministry:  Hawkins Family

Pray for an Individual Who is Open to Hearing the Gospel

Prayer Request:

 A Staff Member requests prayer that an individual he meets with regularly who is open to hearing the gospel would accept Christ. Praise! The staff member reports that his language class provided him the opportunity to connect with a group of Israelis. Pray for the staff member’s language training and ministry. Pray also for the staff member’s daughter as she has a language test on April 26 and must pass to gain acceptance to the local university.

Discipleship Training in Northeastern India

Prayer Request:

Pray for a World Partners Regional Strategy Coordinator as he travels this week with a team of individuals in Northeastern India to lead a discipleship training and share the vision of making disciples.

Pray for Continued Healing for Randy Fudge

Prayer Request:

Praise! Randy Fudge reports of baptisms taking place during his Easter church service. Before the service one young man spoke to the pastor and prayed to give his life to Christ and then was baptized that same day. Continue to pray for Randy’s shoulder as it heals. He is doing daily exercises and will return to physical therapy on April 24. He has an appointment to have his kidney function checked on April 28. Pray that his kidney function would increase.

Ministry:  Randy and Carolyn Fudge