PrayLink April 18, 2023

 Pray with the World Partners REGIONAL STRATEGY COORDINATORS and EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP TEAM today and tomorrow as they step back from their regular daily tasks to seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance and reflect on the future of disciple-making, the logistics and finances that entails, and seek discernment on how to be good stewards of the resources God is providing

SPAIN: Pray for DAVE and REBECCA BUMPUS as they prepare to hold their annual Bike Blessing, which will take place on April 29. Pray that the attendees will see the unity amongst the members of the Tribe of Judah, who will be coming from England, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, and Denmark. The Bumpuses state, “Pray their hearts would be open to hearing the gospel. Just pray for the logistics and for our time together.” To learn more about the Bike Blessing and hear additional prayer requests from the Bumpuses, check out their video at:

EUROPE: Pray for a STAFF COUPLE as they host a board game night this evening which is open to the public. Pray that the people who attend tonight will connect with the staff couple.
ASIA: Pray for a REGIONAL STRATEGY COORDINATOR as he prepares to travel to Mongolia April 29-May 22.

ASIA: Pray for a STAFF MEMBER’s small group who is discussing discipleship and for the staff member and his family, who are intentionally reaching out to an unbeliever in their life. The staff member states, “Pray for boldness to live our faith in action.”

MEXICO: Pray for STEPHANIE BAKER as she begins an internship teaching ESL in Mexico. Stephanie is from Fleetwood Bible Church in Pennsylvania, and is working in conjunction with Pastors Lucio & Rosa Ontiveros.

ETHIOPIA: Pray for travel safety for a STAFF MEMBER as he travels from the United States to Ethiopia this Thursday. He will be in in Ethiopia through April 30 meeting with disciples.
GUINEA: BRUCE and DAWN CLUCKIE request prayer for Fatamata, one of the earliest believers in the town of Niaya. Pray that she would continue to follow God and be filled with passion and desire for God and His Word. Pray God would continue to meet her daily needs and give her good health.

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